Location:            Rannoch Moor

Type of Works:   Design & Build

Works value:      Approx £1,500/m2


A unique challenge was presented by this remote and spectacular site. The cabin sits on 6 concrete pad foundations on a sloping site, with a wrap around deck on three sides, also on concrete pads. Large section untreated larch heartwood beams, grown and processed in the Scottish Highland, were located over bolts anchored to the concrete foundations, and levelled.  In order to minimise the ridge height from ground level the floor cassettes were slotted between the beams and rest on ledgers.

The building measures 5.0m x 2.9m externally, with a porch on the north elevation. The building can be accessed through the porch door at the rear, or through a sliding glass door on the front. The door to the porch was oriented to be sheltered from the prevailing wind direction.

The prefabricated wall units were manufactured and delivered fully sheathed on both sides and fully insulated. These were bolted down to the main larch beams. The 8 roof panels rest on the gables of the building and a central frame of untreated douglas fir, grown and milled in the Scottish highlands, which is exposed inside the building. The framing timber was FSC certified from Scandinavia, and the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) manufactured at Dalcross by Inverness.

After application of building and roofing paper, the corrugated galvanised metal roof was fixed to battens and counter battens, and the larch cladding fixed to chamfered horizontal battens. When constructing with pre-built panels which do not span from floor to ridge it is of vital importance to introduce a consistent upright windpost to ensure rigidity, windposts are installed in the centre of each gable for this structure.

The walls were clad externally with board on board untreated larch, grown and milled in the Highlands of Scotland.  The windows and the sliding door were manufactured and supplied by Nordan of Norway.  Gutters and downpipes are in galvanised steel and supplied by Lindab of Sweden.

Internally the ceiling is clad in birch ply manufactured in Scandinavia and the walls in tongue and groove pine boarding, grown and milled in the UK.  The flooring is in untreated larch, grown and milled in the Scottish Highlands, and finished with a 0% Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) hard wax finish.

A custom king size bed frame was built, faced in birch ply, with space underneath for the clients preferred wheeled storage boxes.  Power is through 2 double sockets with built in USB charging points, and lighting through pendant lighting in the main room and bulkhead lights in oth the porch and outside.

The building used 100% untreated timber throughout, sourced from the Scottish Highlands where feasible, and the UK and Scandinavia where not.  The decking was built using treated timber, milled in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands.